Snapchat IWD Stickers

Friendship, balance & strength are the main ingredients for a project that celebrates women everywhere.

Snapchat asked us to create a set of stickers and filters to mark International Women’s Day with a colorful, playful touch. So we got our powerful team of creative women to illustrate and design a whole array of funky social media stickers inspired by friendship, balance and strength, the main themes Snapchat suggested for the occasion. We went for bold, bright colors, in true illo fashion, with full, simple shapes that made the whole package easy and fun to use. From body positivity to girl power encouragements, delicate symbols and challenging balances, we covered various themes and relatable situations. We were also able to add our local touch to the whole project, with 8 March symbols like the mimosa or taglines written in Italian. Viva le donne!
illo_SnapchatIDW_March 8th
March 8th
Mimosa power
illo_SnapchatIDW_Take a woman
Take a woman
illo_SnapchatIDW_Viva le donne
Pinky promise
Body positive
illo_SnapchatIDW_Sticker pack
Sticker pack

Credits — Creative Direction Ilenia Notarangelo + Illustration Arianna Cristiano, Carla Gioia, Ilenia Notarangelo, Cristina Pasquale + Animation Laurentiu Lunic